Of course she wants breakfast in bed!

Breakfast in bed really is one of the ultimate ways to show someone you care and make them feel special. Breakfast in bed doesn’t have to be an elaborate meal or an overwhelming task. With some careful planning, easy steps and a few of my favorite things, you can pamper someone with breakfast in bed too! Plan Ahead Planning ahead very well may be the secret to easily pulling off breakfast in bed. Decide on a menu, make a list of all the items you need to make and serve breakfast, then prep all of the food (chopped fruit or veggies, baked good bought or made) and then gather the items these items the night before:

  1. Large Tray: Whether it’s a tray with feet, one with handles, metal, ceramic or wood, find a large try that makes it easy for you to carry everything to the bedroom at one time and be less likely to spill.

  2. Tea Towel: Line the tray with a tea towel and it will not only be pretty, but it will catch any spills as yo