Turtle Beach Walk Cotton Pants


Turtles return to the beach of their birth to lay their eggs, even if that means a swim of thousands of miles. They are majestic creatures underwater and it is sad to know that 6 of the 7 different species of sea turtles are on the endangered list. West Indies Wear have donated & will continue to donate 5% of sales of our TURTLE merchandise to the SEETURTLE foundation to help save the baby turtles, and educate young people in Third World nations about the importance of saving these animals from extinction.


FABRIC : Made from 100% fine cotton voile with colorful turtle print.

DETAILS : Easy to wear basic elasticated pants, with side hem tabs so that you can roll them up and wear them cuffed.

LENGTH : approximately 37" at full length, can roll up cuffs to 3.

FIT : Comfortable missy fit..

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